Sunday, June 23, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hey family.
It was so wonderful to see you yesterday!!
and this was wonderful also:
in the missionary handbook it says that we should be careful that calling home doesn't take our thoughts away from the work. But I never feel like I have to worry about that with you all! You make me want to be a better missionary and do more good and live up to at least a tiny portion of the good that you all see in me. In a talk I was reading by Pres. Eyring, he starts off by saying that anything he has accomplished in the priesthood, he has only accomplished because someone else first saw gifts and talents and good in him that he didn't see himself. And then he chose to believe them and try to live up to what they showed him. So thanks.
I'm really really happy that you are all taking good care of each other and that Jeremy and James will be able to get the house all ready to sell. and that they will get to be together again!
Btw, when does\did Nancy leave on her mission?
Everyone always complains that I don't ever tell about stuff that is going on, things pertaining to missionary work that are actually happening with me.
Last week, we found this guy from Ireland who is super cool and already been to church and has friends in the church and wants to do good. The only thing he really needs is to understand the restored gospel! We also found this part-member family. The dad has been inactive for quite a while (like 10 or 15 years I think), the mom has already had the lessons in the past, but is very open to working with us again and really wants to get her husband to do things like say family prayers and stuff that would unite the family, and the coolest is that the 13-yr-old son really responded to the story of Joseph Smith and the knowledge that he could really know this for himself and not just because anyone told him. And we found some other really cool people that we are excited about. So I hope it all goes well for my companion.
I'm headed up north to Viseu where we will be splitting an area and I will be training (we're getting 35 new sisters tomorrow along everyone else who isn't a Sister Training Leader which is like a zone leader but a sister-- they revamped the mission organization with all the new sisters in the world :)
This transfer is going to be crazy! as far as the whole mission goes. We are going to have 2 new zones 25 new areas, and 50 new missionaries. and to put that in perspective we have about 180 maybe 200 right now.
so there's my short story-ish email.

also, Eduardo is getting the priesthood and a calling sunday!! which is awesome. :)
He is a regular ol' missionary, bringing people to activities and church and carrying his Book of Mormon around everywhere.
Have a wonderful week!!
p.s. As mom requested, an excerpt from letter to president:
Esta semana, encontramos alguns novos pesquisadores sobre quem eu estou mesmo animada. Um destas experiencias aconteceu quando nos tivemos muitas outras coisas para fazer. Tivemos duas pessoas para visitar e não muito tempo antes de nosso autocarro. Mas no fundo de minha mente eu me lembrei de um endereço numa lista antiga de pesquisadores em potencial. Eu senti que devíamos ir lá, então fomos mesmo com pouco tempo. Encontramos um homem de Irlanda que já foi para igreja lá e tem muitos amigos na igreja. Ensinamos o primeiro lição e ele está animado que nos voltemos. Mas mais que tudo, sou grata que o Espírito testificou para todos nos que estávamos na lugar certo no momento certo.

Vou orar muito esta semana para ser humilde suficiente para FAZER qualquer coisa que o Senhor disse para mim--ou, seja, qualquer coisa do bem que entre em minha cabeça.

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