Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 24, 2013

. . . But in other news, I actually thought this week about stuff that happened that I can tell you about!
I know its amazing that it only took me however many weeks its been, but it finally happened. 
And then I wrote it in a letter to president that I will stick right here. 

This week we had some really great experiences. Saturday morning Sister Call was having some doubts, about if she really had faith, if she really believed that we could do the things we needed to. not that she doubted, but she said I just don't feel it. but in our study time we studied Ch. 4, praying with faith, recognizing the spirit, and relying on the spirit.
And I was reminded of all the times that I have learned that faith is a choice, not a feeling.
 Then during the day, when we weren't seeing the results we wanted and we didn't really feel like we knew what to do, we could look back and see and say, "yes. D&C 6:14-15 really is true." We prayed and then we found Fredson who decided to come to church with us.
And then we praying and we remembered that we could take those cookies and the Hindi Book of Mormon to the indian family and still get to our other appointments. And then we prayed and we found Conceição. 
And then we prayed and just were laughing and singing and walking home and Sister Call thought of calling Naíra. (even if she still said she would call us in the morning to come get her when she was done getting ready.
as often as we inquired and sought to do the Lord's will we were guided. And we found some really cool people.
And Naíra (um joven that has had a really hard time getting to church and so wasn't progressing) came to church! (She called right when we finished praying for her!) 
And our faith was strengthened because we chose to have (act in) faith instead of just waiting to feel it. 
And we prayed in gratitude for the things that we were given and so then on Sunday night when we were feeling grateful we were guided across the city having no idea of the things that we were doing beforehand (like Nephi!) and we found this girl named Sonia who was the most interested, accepting-and-excited-about-our-message novo that I have yet found on my mission. 
And I felt like this was the best application of training that I have had yet because I was guided to know that we should study that section in our study this week (wk. 10 instead of 7) even though I didn't understand 100 percent why because we don't have a ton of investigators to apply it to, but we did it anyways.
And then it helped with exactly what Sister Call was struggling with personally and then it was her promptings (if you can say that, because the spirit confirms to me too, but she made the suggestions and had the first thoughts) that guided us to those two miracles (Naíra and Sonia). (Sorry that was a little long.)
But it is also probably the best summary of all aspects of our work. We are improving little by little and the most important thing to me this week was that my faith was strengthened that WE (if we listen to the promptings that come) really can find people who are ready and who will progress. 
We just need to choose to 'press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope'. I know we can do it! We can find these people who are waiting! as we are steadfast and diligent in our study of the scriptures and pmg and their application and listening to the promptings of the Spirit and just do all we can to love people. 

(The end of the letter to president)

But those are the things that I really did want to tell you about too.

Oh and this girl that we have been teaching who is so cool who I just love who is under house arrest (the good news is she's always home :), but she just started the Book of Mormon over from the beginning! which is sweet. and she has been praying and she really really knows that God is listening to her and has been helping her and that because of these things she is closer to Him and she wants to be. And I love that. I just don't know how to help her get out of the terrible situation she is in because her friends aren't good for her, but they do everything for her. she lives on their generosity. They take care of her and she is such a better person in some ways because she just genuinely loves these crazy people because they are good to her even if they do so many other wrong things and she really genuinely feels love for them. People are amazing, we have such amazing capacities to love.

Well. That's about it for this week.

I love you all so much.

It will work out. God knows how to help us. And He has promised that if we keep the Sabbath day holy and pay our tithing and trust in Him we will be led in the high places of the earth.(Isaiah 58:13-14)(the good things of life, the things that bring real joy and nourish us).  And He always keeps His promises so I know He is giving us those blessings, we just need to look for them. so I trust that He is taking care of you, and that He loves you and that He will carry my love and my desire to help to you. 

Also, I just love you all so so so so so so so so sos o so so so so so so so much. And I'm sorry I didn't write very many individual letters this week, but I just wanted everyone to know all of these things and thoughts that I was having. 

Have a really good week. genuinely. Find something happy or sweet or just genuine to tell me about next week. just a sentence of how God touched your life (sometimes the miracle of the day is how good cookie dough tastes and sometimes that's ok). 

I love you!

Steph\ Sister Lofgreen