Sunday, June 23, 2013

April 29, 2013

Ola família!

First off, yesterday our good friend Eduardo was finally baptized. And it was wonderful because he was so well prepared and really knew what he was doing and why he was doing it. And almost the whole branch made the trek to the capela in faro to support him (which was really great even though we did not have enough food for all of them.. which I will explain in more depth in a minute.) One of the coolest things about this baptism that I got to witness is just that, that I got to witness it. It wasn't like 'my baptism'. it was Eduardo's baptism, it was his journey and his goal and I have just been able to be here to see it all, and clearly I learned and changed and grew along the way with him, but really all of those things that happened to him (personally witnesses of the Spirit, lifechanging decisions of quitting smoking, leaving the religion of your family, learning to forgive people, and so many major experiences) really did just happen to him. I couldn't have made a single one of those choices for him as much as I wanted to so many times. After the baptism, I said to my companion, 'I don't feel that different.' and she said, 'Well of course not, you're not the one who got baptised.' and I love that. I don't know that I really explained that very well, but I am so happy that the gospel is really happening in the lives of other people and not just mine.

As for the food, I feel I have to tell this experience. We tried to make cookies and we bought all the stuff before hand and made the dough the night before and were all ready to go in the morning. And then , we burnt all of FOUR pans of cookies.... yeah. I don't know how that happened. but finally we were out of time and out of cookies and out of any sort of resources... and I only have one more minute, so the short of it is: we served green American jello (they don't really like strong flavors here) and a few cookies and some cream cheese salami sandwiches and chocolate mousse made by the elders that was really chocolate soup....

But Eduardo was happy and felt loved so no worries.

sorry I couldn't upload the pictures... next week, and more details.

love you all. the gospel's true.


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