Monday, March 31, 2014

PDAY! People are the best

Hello family!

Well. Today has be a roller-coaster of a p-day. Ok not really. Just that I was expecting it to be simple and relaxing and it has had some unexpected turns. Mostly me leaving our keys in our apartment... some things never change. :)
This week has been pretty awesome. It feels like a lot more than a week. It hit me a little bit how fast time is going by and how easy it is to not make the best of it. it takes a constant effort. 

We spent the first few days running around taking care of the appointments that we had already made and trying to take care of the elders area because they ended up training. so since one of them was coming from the MTC they didn't get here until Thursday night. We did a lot of running. 

Blessings\tender mercies\highlights:
My companion's new music (new to me at least) the best missionary songs ever. There's this really great missionary on (or three) by Nashville tribute band. on the cd the work- the best ever missionary song: 'the hardest thing I've ever had to do'. and then there's one about work that is great. and one about a letter home and a few others that we just really like. but that has made this week pretty happy. I love music. 
my companion is hilarious.
also, I was hit by a flying banana peel in the street a couple days ago. no idea where it came from. 

And Domingos was confirmed! he is slowly getting the hang of things and with this pass off to the elders I hope things go smoothly. 
Adelino was baptized! He rocks. Basically ever since we started teaching him he has just taken in and applied and done everything necessary. He was contacted in the street by the other sisters a couple weeks ago, he has already been taught by some elders in the past, but never really wanted to do anything about anything.  but then with this contact, he decided to come to church with his friend Paulo and ever since then he just basically changed everything in his life. stopped drinking and smoking and is doing everything he can to follow Christ. He decided before we even met him that he was going to follow this path. so we just taught him and he accepted. it was amazing. 
Also, we are teaching this girl named Margarida who is amazing. She also just showed up at church. And she brought her mom. She had always seen missionaries around and had been by the church and always wanted to talk to them and go to church and be involved in things, but just didn't know what to do. wasn't sure what she believed. I don't know. then she found a Book of Mormon in her house and would read a little bit here or there but didn't really understand it. then she found out her mom was a member and was baptized 30 years ago and she made her mom come with her to church. Her mom said she wasn't ready to come back but she really wanted to go and didn't want to go alone. so her mom cam with her. then the next week they came to all three hours and then this week she just came by herself (don't worry, our branch president is a boss and already had a personal interview with her mom last week and called her after church this week.. he rocks). She loved church the very first time and prayed in our very first lesson to know if the church is true. but she wasn't really sure if she was getting an answer. So she talked to her mom a lot. and her mom said that back when she had an answer she felt a warmth in her heart. and she wasn't sure she was feeling that. So in our lesson after church on Sunday she said she wasn't sure how it would feel and then in the opening prayer told God that she wanted to know whether or not the 'apertado' or tight feeling in her heart that she got at church and when she prayed and read the Book of Mormon was an answer to her prayers. how much more perfect could it get. she prays so sincerely that you can truly feel heavens love for her when she's praying. its amazing. basically I should talk about a little more of my week, before I run out of time, but she's amazing. this is what the mission is about. helping people who are seeking find the truth. Also, she already talked to her mom about serving a mission. her mom said they didn't have enough money, but we said that it wasn't a problem. 
I love being a missionary. 

also other thoughts 
members in Portugal are totally pioneers. I feel like that's true of members wherever you go in Portugal, because they are working so hard to push the work forward that EVERYONE capable has to have lots of responsibility placed on them. I have met so many rcs in leadership roles and anyone who isn't a rc has the responsibility of looking after and supporting all the rcs in leadership roles. there's no time for slacking off. it really is a race of endurance. I look up to them so much.

Well, I love you guys and I hope things are going well. I love hearing from you and about what's going on in your lives.
Will! thanks for the email. I loved it!
and dad, don't worry. you'll get those kids to listen. there's this great article on open ended questions that I read the other day. maybe it could help.

And mom, you rock. Don't forget it. 
I'm making listening to and recognizing the spirit one of my highlights of my study as well to join in with the family. also, because its one of the most important things we can learn how to do here on earth. well I gotta go. I love you guys and hopefully I can get some pictures sent next time.

Love you! bye!


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