Monday, March 31, 2014

1/12/2014 This week!

Hey family,

Mostly what I want to share this week is this: (Alma 37, particularly vs.5-12, 37, 38-46) you can are all welcome study it and tell me what you think about it or just talk about it together (or study whatever else you happen to be studying since you all have your own lives...)
This week was good. pretty normal. One thing that I noticed and have been thinking about is the importance of our decisions--our little decisions
God rarely does miracles in one big moment. And when he does, we often don't see all the preparation that he had leading up to it. For example, the Book of Mormon. That's a huge miracle. Joseph Smith translated 500 something pages in like 80 days. (I don't remember the exact stats but I remember being surprised by them.) During that time he was attacked by mobs, moved  from one side of New York to the other. And all that at a rate faster than modern translators are capable of in our day. But that's not all. God prepared that book under the hands of dozens of authors over a period of 1000 years.  All this is just background to these verses: Alma 37:5-12 and is related to the analogy made in verses 38-end and just wants to say,  we have to do the little things. If we follow God we will live forever in eternal glory. What he has said could not be more simple: love your neighbor; do good; follow Christ; read your scriptures; pray; go to church; serve your family, etc. And still. we don't do it.
In the missionary world the simple request is: open your mouth. and he promises he will do miracles and give you a strength that is not known among men. And still its hard. But every time you choose it it gets a little bit easier. If you choose the first time the next time is easier. If you choose not to the next time is harder-- just like a muscle.
Well I don't have much to say this week,  sorry for the randomness and lack of detail. We are teaching a man named Domingos who is progressing well towards baptism. We are working on making yearly goals with the district presidency for our branches and the island. We saw the Guinness book world record fireworks from the roof of our building on near years and drank hot chocolate. Some are progressing and becoming stronger some are falling away and it is heartbreaking.  I am working on talking more positively.  God loves us and wants us to become like him. 

Love you!
Fight the good fight! Never give up never give in. 
Steph\ Sister Lofgreen
p.s. letter to pres.:

Ola President.
Nosso marcado para dia 18, Domingos, filho dum membro do outro ramo está progredir bem. Está a ler, orar, vir a igreja, e progredir em deixar de fumar.
Ainda nao conseguimos com Leticia (nao vai marcar compromissos e mora longe entao nao da para so passar muito) mas ela veio a igreja esta semana e fez mais amizade com os membros. Vamos usar aquelas 2 mulheres em ensiná-la mais frequentemente. na casa dela e na casa daqueles membros.
Mario e Birgit falharam em todos os compromissos e nao estao a progredir. Se podemos marcar de novo, vamos tentar a passar la com um membro e senao vamos deixá-los por enquanto.
Maior problema sao ricardo e iliana que foram batizados e ainda nao foram confirmados. eles nao vao falar conosco (disliga o telemovel ou nao attendem, etc.) vamos orar para oportunidade a falar com eles e ajudar resolver o problema.

Milagre de semana. Todas as coisas que o senhor faz sao milagres, e o momento maior que fica em minha mente foi nosso reuniao sacramental e os testemunhos firmes dos membros que tem passado por dificuldades e sao ainda firmes e fieis no evangelho. Ana Freitas e Eduarda Jardim prestaram testemunho muito forte sobre a necessidade de nao ouvir as coisas que satanás fala a nos sobre outros, sobre nos mesmos, sobre lideres, sobre qualquer coisa que ia impedir nosso capacidade a estar na igreja de Cristo e sentir da presença de teu espírito.

E aprendi que paciencia e fazendo as boas coisas pequenas mesmo quando coisas sao dificeis. basicamente é diligencia em alguns aspectos. its enduring WELL. é falando com pessoas nas paragems de autocarro domingo a noite as 9:30 no caminho para casa com um paz no coraçao e confiança no senhor.

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