Monday, March 31, 2014

1/20/2014 Learning to Trust

Hey family!
Question: Mom, did you happen to find my patriarchal blessing?
If not, just let me know so I can know that you looked.
This week has been a little bit of a rollercoaster ride, but in the ups and downs, independent of the results, we need to trust in God.
Beginning of the week, our investigator, Domingos, that was marked for baptism, wasn't talking to us. And he lives really far away, so we could just stop by his house on any day to see how he was doing. It's like a 20-30 min bus ride up a mountain and then a little bit of a walk after that. So we finally got there on Wednesday when all our appointments fall through and he wouldn't answer the door. We left and prayed and low and behold, here comes Domingos. We talked to him. He was having a rough time with a lot of things and was pretty much just thinking of giving up. But we talked for a while and then asked him to pray about what day he should be baptized and he felt that it should be the day that we had marked before, or in other words, Saturday. So we said, ok. if that's right then you can't smoke anymore. And he did it! and we taught him the rest of everything (which was kind of a miracle too because lessons with him take a long time usually). and then he had his interview and everything went well. Except that we never were able to talk to him mom (who has been a member for years). We and the other sisters were only able to talk to her other son who lives with her and was baptized a month ago and her neighbor who is also a member. So saturday morning comes around and I decide to just call her one more time just to make sure she's coming. and no one had told her! and on top of that she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to come. so we prayed. and then! she came! It was amazing.
Also, our 18 yr old recent convert, Eduíno, baptized him! It was so cool. He felt the spirit so much and was so happy.
Eduíno is hilarious. He never talks and basically when we were teaching him the only thing that told me that he wanted to be baptized was that he came to church and quit smoking. but he never says anything that lets you know what he's actually thinking. but this week we got him to tell us how he knew the chruch is true. and it was because he didn't like church. he thought it was way annoying becasue it was just people talking and talking and talking. but he always woke up anyways and just felt like he had to go even though he didn't want to. its so simple for him. I don't knwo why, but I thought that was hilarious. 
Anyways... Sunday comes. Domingos comes to church for the first two hours. is in all the classes and then disappears right before sacrament meeting. I have no idea where He went. and I still haven't been able to talk to him, so we'll see what happens next week. But one thing that I know is that Heavenly Father guided us and worked a lot of miracles to have this all work out. and He knows what He's doing, and if we weren't supposed to do things in the way we did them. if we should have waited for the baptism or something else, He wouldn't have guided us in the way that He did, so we just have to trust in the things that He's already done and believe that He will continue to guide us. all the evidence is on our side for that one. and even if not, the witness in my heart says it. and 'what greater witness can you have than from God?' D&C 6:20ish.
So that was more or less my week.
I hope your cruise goes well, mom. you won't happen to be stopping by madeira, will you? I'm sure it will if you really remember all the things you said to me in your email and remember the peace that Heavenly Father has brought to your heart time and time again and how he has guided you beside still waters and through deserts and through years of raising crazy children :)
Dad, your the best. I love you so much. I hope you enjoy all the time you have at home and that the family misses you :) 

Tom and Paul! I'm sad I'm missing all your shenanigans of trumpet and sax playing. but you guys rock.
Jeremy. Don't forget to study your scriptures. when its the hardest is when its the most important. and I hope you are liking coaching lacrosse a little bit. I bet you're a bit like officer scott to them. 
And Hannah. thank you for the updates. they really do mean so much.

I love you guys. 
and yes, the rumor is true. my leave date is tax day(april 15th). but let's not talk about it anymore. k?  ok. thanks. :)
Have a great week. Fight the good fight. (its not over yet.)
Just do what you know is good.
Love you,
Steph\ Sister Lofgreen

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