Monday, March 31, 2014

11/18/2013 Time

Well.... I just wrote a really really really long email and now its gone and I don't know what happened to it.... 
so I'm sorry. Probably because that just happened to my comp on a lesser scale about 45 minutes ago and I didn't feel that bad for her.... so yeah... karma sucks.

Anyway--short version: love each other and the church is true. And those are basically the same thing.
Yeah.... and this week had some great stories too. short.

Conference of Eduino!
19 yr old Andre loved church in spite of the epilepsy attacks brought on by brawling members and a gospel principles lesson on the law of chastity taught over quarreling members. and he stayed for the baptism and loved it!

Charity is the greatest of all because it is all inclusive. You keep all the other commandments when you have charity.So, if you want more charity its the same as other traits: pray, study and fake it till you make it. aka keep the commandments and try to have the right motives (aka love) and serve--lots.

Well that's my weekly update. love you all and sorry I don't have time to respond to anything....

But I love you!!!!!

Steph\Sister Lofgreen
Fight the good fight (aka always keep the peace)

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