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July 15, 2013

Everybody should check out the church's new website if they haven't on hastening the work of salvation: Click Here for the Link

And while those are loading I will type some more.
This was a nice long week of finding people. Every so often it feels like you are right back at quare one and you just have to go out and find people again. And that's what the end of this week has felt like. Luckily things seem to change so quickly sometimes as a missionary too. so Im sure it won't last long. And for this reason i am so so grateful for this quote that mom sent to me (and by quote I mean just something that she said): One of the concepts I loved most about this idea is that conversion is the actions we do because of the love and gratitude we have for the knowledge of our testimony.
I feel like every email time I come sit down and talk about nothing and share maybe somehting that I have learned that week, but what I have learned is more or less the same thing always and it always comes down to something like that. Love the Lord, trust Him and keep up the good work, keep the fight, stay true and hold to the rod. The Lord won't let you down if you trust Him and choose to trust Him with your actions even if your not feeling it in one moment or another. Every moment of difficulty will be made up x100.
God loves us. and He knows YOUR name. not just Joseph Smith's name or alma's name or the prophet's name or moses' name, your name. How amazing is that? This idea just blew the mind of one of our investigators in Loulé. He just could not believe that, and when we finally convinced Him that it was possible and that He should just pray about it to find out, that was what made the difference for Him. To know that God knew him and loved him and believed in him enough to give him everything and know and call him by name. He's going to love the temple when he gets there and feels Heavenly Father's love for each of us personally even more profoundly.
I'm grateful for the little reminders of miracles that I get every week as I write you guys, sorry its not the same experience for you.
I love you all so much and don't ever forget it, and good luck with the move I'm praying for all of you individually.
Paul. Its going to be great. God is going to do great things with you. You are so so so amazing. I don't just say that I feel it.
And Tom. You're awesome.'nuf said.
Hannah, just sing and paint and write your heart out.
And Will, work hard in school and hug mom for me and tell people when you need help with things.
And Dad, how's your new job?
And Jeremy, what's going on with you? how's utah\arizona? what have you been up to and did you decide on that internship things\ have you been doing that in arizona or have you stayed in utah this whole time?
And you can make all these decisions mom. in decision making i have been reading in Mosiah and I learned a lot in chapter 26 (when alma's got some big decisions and receives one of my favorite revelations in the BoM--everything always  comes down to the plan of salvation) and in chapter 22:1 and then the rest of the chapter (those one's made me think of something one of the apostles said in the broadcast we watched last week about how bishops in ward councils should do like the apostles did witht he change in missionary age and counsel with all of the leaders from all of the departments (apostles, sunday school, relief society, primary, young womens, etc.) they talked to everyone and weighed all the options.
Just some thoughts.
As always. Sorry.
But I really love you all sooo much!!!!
Steph\Sister Lofgreen

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