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July 1, 2013

Hey family!
Yesterday we got to watch a training meeting for new mission presidents and pretty much all leadership of the church (like anyone who is in a ward council) and it was wonderful.
We have living prophets and apostles and they really do receive revelation for us in our day. They know the Savior and they love Him so so much and because of that they are given capacity to realy love us. and President Flukiger asked us to write him one thing we learned, so that's below.
One thing I learned from the training meeting yesterday:
ALL of the apostles and the prophet spoke of love, this work of love and salvation that is accoplished as we expand our vision to be more like our Father in Heaven's. He sees each of His children as precious and important--RC, MA, non-members, etc. And because they see that they are more capable and eager to move this work forward. We can always be expanding and building our testimony of the value of a soul to the Savior and of His power and desire to help others and us.
One more thing: they live the things they teach and live to qualify for the Spirit to make up the difference in everything, and they expect us to live the things we teach and learn and live worthy of the Spirit to direct us as well.
Its always such basic clear things but they clearly need to sink deeper into my soul or the Lord wouldn't keep telling them to me.

This week has been the Book of Mormon and the Book of Mormon has been playing a huge role with our investigators. I have developed a greater love for this book as we have studied its power in ch. 5. It is so clear, so powerful and makes all the difference.
We applied it with our RC who we felt (and it was true) has been slowing in her anxiousness to read the BoM, but after talking with her about it she regained some of the fire and recognized the difference it was making in her life.
It has also made a difference in our 1st lessons as we focus on the power of using scriptures from the BoM to teach.
Sister C uses Mos. 4:9 in teaching the 1st point of the 1st lesson a lot and with a really amazing new investigator that we found Saturday who accepted all of the convites up though convite suave, she felt the power of the clarity of the book of Mormon from the very beginning of that lesson.
I need to focus this week on not losing fogo in CS, and continuing to make every morning a spiritual experience. I just realized we forgot to do VSP last night and I think that will make a big difference in being able to focus on the things that are most important for us this week and in having goals and focus for our study time that feel important to both of us.

Work: we are still struggling with progressing investigators, finding people who will really contribute to the growth of the ward and who are ready to come unto Christ right now (I have a tendency to just want to wait with everyone and help them be ready, but I know that's not always our job). But in the last two weeks we have found some people with a lot of potential and I can feel my faith to find growing.
P.S. I'm grateful for other missionaries. I am learning so much from the example of Sister Br. . . and Sister St. . .  who are doing a tremendous work, who have so much faith and so many smiles. They inspire us every day. We can learn so much from each other and lift those around us.
Sorry that I just copied and pasted suchan uninteresting email, but I'm a bit short on time. We're going to go have a district p-day with some members and so we don't ahve as much email time today.
But I love you all a lot.
And I want to tell you a little about the girls who live in our house with us. They are so amazing. I always feel like I sound so cheesy but they are genuinely amazing. 1. My companion is so incredibly awesome and is still stopping everybody on the street when she is sick.
Sister Br. . . had a really hard transfer last transfer, but now she is training Sister St. . . and they are so happy and sweet and loving and excited ALL THE TIME and even though they are both super new, they just love the Lord and trust him and so they are finding amazing people and people really feel their love and just want to be like that and so they come to church and come to know the savior. Its amazing. I am so lucky that I have been able to meet and serve with some of the most loving faithfilled people in the world.
But anyways. We just have so much fun all together. . . We are teaching this really funny old couple who really worked one over on our gospel principles teacher on Sunday... we'll see how it goes next week. We might try to teach them the lesson for Sunday beforehand to see if that might help.
And then Ad. . . is quitting smoking.
And we found the most amazing girl on Saturday who in her prayer at the end thanked heavenly Father for the signs he sends and for sending us and she was totally just sitting there waiting for us to come find her and tell her about the truth. Its amazing. what if we hadn't knocked on her door. God is so good.

Sorry this is so short and random, but I love you all!


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