Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hey Family~
How are you all? I love you and I miss you and I pray for you all every night.
The first important piece of news. It is HOT.
Everyone keeps telling us that it is over 40 graus. and 40ºC  is like 104ºF. So... yeah. I don't know if its true because it doesn't seem like that could be right, but its pretty hot... I love fans much more than is reasonable right now.
Secondly, God loves us so so so very much that He gives us answer to our questions and He hears and answers ALL of our prayers.
Thirdly, He knows us so well and hard times now don't cancel out all of the blessings He has promised us if we just hold on faithful to the end and live every day to its fullest (to show our love for Him and feel His love for us as completely as possible).

Also, Pictures! before I forget.

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