Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving-Stephanie Sent Pictures



Thanksgiving was so good! Elder Holland came and spoke to us. And probably my favorite thing about his visit was that he brought his grandkids and had them play the piano and sing and bear their testimonies and then his wife spoke. And I just loved seeing how much he loved them and how much more he was capable of loving them because he was such a good man. Before his wife spoke, they stood up together and he just had his arm around her shoulders and was holding her so tight and he just told us all about how grateful he is for her and for her role in her family and how great she is and I just loved how capable he was of seeing her goodness because of how good he is. They said they were our family for the day and that we didn't really have a lot of choice in the matter.
He also talked about that we don't really--that he doesn't even really--comprehend how incredibly blessed we have been to be born in this time, in this the last and greatest dispensation. Every other era has ended in apostasy and a loss of the gospel from the earth, and in every other era the reach of the gospel has been so limited and the prophets and saints in those times knew that they were in essence fighting a losing battle--their works were going to eternally affect the lives of many people, but that their time would fade into apostasy again. And for many of them, they saw our age, and that it was a comfort to them. They saw that one day the gospel would fill the whole earth and that brought them hope and peace and comfort and joy and now we are in it! And then we watched 17 Miracles last night and that just built on all the things that I was able to appreciate all day.

Also, I got my travel plans on Wednesday. So unless my visa doesn't come in I should be calling you on the 4th sometime! I will get to email you again before then, like next saturday I believe. But I'm excited!

Sorry this is so short this week!

I love you will all and will probably send you another hand written letter.

Much love,


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