Friday, November 9, 2012



Thanks for the letters this week. I really love hearing about what's going on with all of you. And even though the boys didn't write, Dad did a good job of giving me updates on their lacrosse and stuff so I still feel complete. :) I also love hearing how proud Dad is of the boys with all their little and big triumphs. I feel like the details you chose to share really gave me a little glimpse of how much you love us. 
I just need to hear from Jeremy! yooouu sneeaakyy brother! But at least mom let me know that you are all good in spite of the hurricane. So I guess its ok. 

Dad- I really loved hearing about the experience you had with fast offerings with Tom. I know it makes a difference to him :) I think he may have been even more impressed with that than with your parallel parking skills. haha. 

Mom  I'm glad that you still feel my love even if I'm not there, because I've definitely been sending it out, and I'm glad to know that Heavenly Father has been helping it reach you. I love you family! And me and my companion were talking earlier today about those moments when you get so happy because you remember that you get to keep your family forever. 

I had a really great experience last night that I want to share with you! Especially you Hannah, because your letter reminded me of it. In your letter you said that you were reminded that you can find the solution to your problem in Christ's example and in learning about He taught. Well, that's the solution to my problems too! Amazing how that works. I'm having a hard time knowing where to start with this story. 
So we'll start here: Earlier in my personal study, I specifically thought about a question that I had about how to teach my investigators more the way the Savior would. Then as we were teaching an investigator, I just totally forgot about all the things we had talked about while planning the lesson. Don't you just love those moments. And then in class after that my teacher completely addressed what I had done wrong--the principles that I had forgotten and how to address them, how to counteract that. And then he just mentioned the chapter that I had studied that morning and how Christ's example in that chapter was the example we should follow in relation to this problem. And so from that incredibly vague summary of what happened, this is what I learned: Heavenly Father really hears us and wants to answer our questions. He knows our thoughts and desires and as we ASK Him, He really will answer our questions and fulfill our righteous desires. And I know this by both the actual occurrence of my question being answered last night and many other times, as well as by the feeling in my heart that says "yes I love you and am aware of you."

Also, a lot of people ahve been forgetting to put my mailbox number when they dear elder me. its 157. the post office asked me to remind you.

Also, if anyone wants to send Elder Moore in my district (same mailbox and everything) a letter, he would probably like it. (hannah? haha. don't feel obligated) 

Love you lots, sorry I can never remember anything when I sit down to type.

Sister Stephanie Lyn Lofgreen

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