Saturday, October 13, 2012

It´s hard to believe that I´ve only been gone for a little over a week. It feels like so much longer than that. Every day is so full of working and learning and experiencing that every day feels like it has to be at least three. Just by the difference between what I know at the beginning of the day compared to what I know at the end of the day.
I always think of so many things that I want to tell you guys about when I´m at breakfast or while I´m waiting on a computer and then by the time I get up to the lab I completely forget. So I guess I´ll just go for it and what ever comes out does, and whatever doesn´t waits til next week.
On Tuesday, for my first Tuesday devotional in the MTC, Elder Bednar came to speak to us! and it was so amazing. With it being just after general conference and the new announcement about missionary work I think every one was just super pumped. One thing that he talked about at the very beginning of his talk was the new announcement; he knew what we were all thinking about. He joked that one of  his favorite things is listening to everyone talk and guess and speculate as to the reasons for the age difference, saying it's because of this and that and making guesses about what was going on in the council, when he had actually been in the council.... it was funny when he said it.... I guess you had to be there. But then he said this "The Lord can do His own work and He will hasten His work in His time." And that is it. That is the reason why they changed the age limit. He also said that the Lord hastens his work through us. That we are the key instruments that the Lord can and will use to hasten His work, and we just have to trust that He will give us the skills and abilities and opportunities that we need to do His work as He needs us to have them, if we are doing our part. And that gave me a lot of comfort, that the Lord can make me as capable as He needs me to be if I am giving Him my all, which seems so much easier to do here in the MTC than it ever has before. So Hannah. You wrote me that awesome letter, that I really really really loved. Thanks, btw. You don't have to stress about not having as much time to prepare for a mission as you thought. Heavenly Father already knew how much time you were going to have and has had that in mind all along, with all of the experiences you have been having. So when you go, if you feel like you should go, you can trust that Heavenly Father knew what He was doing. An Apostle said so. :) Also, I'm still waiting for that awesome handwritten letter.
Paul. I'm not forgetting to eat. It's virtually impossible to do that here. We get stuffed with food. So no worries! I love you!
Also I appreciated the Will comments and Will's letter. I think the only people I haven't heard from are Dad and Jeremy! What's up with that!?
also there are tons of people here who love dr. who. they come out of the woodwork more often because of my british comp. So, Tom, you should just convince everyone to love it.
Will, I love you! You are awesome! Send me a dragon picture!
Can I get Jeremy's email please?
Also, I just realized yesterday that I forgot to pay tithing on my last 2 paychecks that I got.... That's really bad I know. but mom would you mind taking like 50 bucks out of my account for tithing? I know I left you with a bunch of stuff to do, but that would be really great.
Sorry this is kind of short, but 30 min is really short and guess I just don't type fast enough!
I love you all!
Oh also, mom, could you look up Hillary Bowler's address for me. It's in my email and it will be in an email from her mom-Penny Bowler.
I hope that's everything that I needed to remember.
Much love from the MTC.
Sister  Stephanie Lofgreen!

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