Friday, November 1, 2013

Living In Paradise--Oct 29, 2013

Hey family. Sorry for not writing yesterday I was in buses and cars and on an airplane and then on more buses and cars. And now I'm living in freaking paradise. Literally one of the best vacation spots out here on this side of the world. I am on the island Madeira, and this morning as I went running I had an ocean breeze in my face green mountains that disappear into clouds on my right and the ocean on my right. It is amazing. and on top of that I came to a great branch with an amazing companion. I am really so excited to be serving with her. in the couple of lessons that we have taught together so far I am just so excited to be serving with her. plus things and home and in planning and in pretty much everything are just chill. And on top of that I am in the same house as Sister Call, my companion (that I trained) from Viseu, who I just love with all my heart. She is going to be training this transfer (her 5th which ironically is exactly the transfer that I was in when I trained her) and the sister she will be training is portuguese. which is awesome. because it means that we are all going to be able to work on our accents. 
Here in Madeira the people have an accent that is a bit different and sometimes it throughs me off a bit. I think I can understand Portuguese really quite well at this point in my mission, but sometimes, here, things still just go right over my head. So that will be a fun adventure. I hope to be able to perfect my portuguese accent and bring along a few good impressions of the Madeiran. We'll see how it goes.

But as for this last week.....

I can't write because apparently we only have 30 min for email... so yeah..~

até proximo. 

Love you guys.
stay sweet (hotrod)

Sister Lofgreen\Steph

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