Monday, March 4, 2013

Last Week's Letter

Hi Family!

As always it is so great to hear from you! And to hear from Jeremy finally!!

Your letters and lives are so inspiring and I am so happy to hear from you all.
This week has been a bit more of a struggle, but as always, comforting to see the ways that the Lord helps us overcome our weaknesses little by little, always pushing us to do and be a little bit more. This week I really needed what jeremy said to me in his letter, so I hope he won't mind me sharing: "all of that struggle I have endured has been me pushing forward as hard as I can with God removing just enough of the resistance that I can become stronger...I can thank God for not making it easy for me, but for helping me just enough that it can strengthen me."
This isn't necessarily a new concept, but seeing it applied in the lives of people I know and my life as well, it means a lot more. You have to start learning it with you heart and not just with your mind."I can thank God for not making it easy for me, but for helping me just enough that it can strengthen me," I want to have the strength to be able to say that everyday and everyday mean it--to everyday feel grateful for my challenges and for how the Lord is changing me. There is a song that we listen to almost every morning "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" that has a line "chasten my soul til I shall be in perfect harmony with thee." And I am learning how that process works. This is the plan that we came to the earth to live, the plan that is only possible through our savior and the plan that we can spend every day sharing with our friends and families and everyone around us. I was reading a talk by Pres. Eyring this morning, and at the end he said that this phrase of scripture can more or less sum up the plan of salvation in our lives. "And if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high." Endure it well. Part of the challenge is learning what that phrase means. Its not just sitting through hard times, its staying faithful, continually striving, and knowing that God will give us success, either now or in the life to come--knowing that no effort is wasted.

And just so you know jeremy. You can't be king of the nerds... you can't have a gym analogy and be king of the nerds... sorry, you are and will forever be cool. You have as mom would say, the John cool factor. Man, that phrase is just so mom. Ha ha.

Hannah! you are gorgeous as usual and your faith is even brighter :) New York! That will be amazing. better start saving ;)
I'm glad you taught yourself as you were wrtiting this week because you taught me too. Your crystal clear particle of truth for the week to me was this "God knows where it's going and that of I'm faithful I can fulfill the measure of my creation."

Woohoo!! mom is selling cars! you can do anything. And Dad coaching lacrosse? my family can do anything. I bet Paul loves having you in practice. I will be praying for your interviews to go well this week.
I love you all very much. Keep the faith.


The gospels true!

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