Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Transferred Today

Ola familia!

So I'm getting transferred today. And that made me realize that I don't think I have really even told you anything about the area I have been in for the last 6 weeks. It's called Quinta de Conde (which I know I did mention before). And its kind of more rural (for near Lisbon that is) which is nothing like rural in Utah. But basically things are calmer out here and people like to lock themselves in their houses when the sun goes down at like 6 and then we like to knock on them make them come open the door to the cold (which is also not cold compared to utah; the thing about the cold here is that because it doesn't really get that cold, people don't really have heating in their houses. So its never really cold, but people wear their coats in their houses.) Anyways. 
Because its more rural and a bigger area and the chapel is a little bit of a ways away, one of the hardest things for the missionaries here has been getting people to church. But, we had 4 investigators in church on Sunday! Which is really quite amazing.

One was this kid, Marcos. He is great because he has recognized more than once that we always come visit him when he is thinking about what he is going to do with his life, about the hard things that he has going on. And he has really clearly talk about that he feels peaceful when he talks to us and when he reads the Book of Mormon. But his mom is really religious and doesn't like us so much (she was an investigator a while back but now doesn't really want anything to do with us) and he gets into a lot of trouble with his friends. But he really liked meeting the elders at church and he asked lots of questions, so I'm really hopeful for him.
The other 3 investigators that we had in church were Laura (who has accepted baptism and is planning for the end of this month), her husband and son. Her son was not such a fan of church. He's 14 and he stayed up the whole night before playing computer games. Laura was really nervous for chuch and said that it was really really different, but when I asked her about how she felt during the sacrament she said, good and that she remembered lots of good things. She always has really cool ways of describing how she feels the spirit. In our last lesson it was 'like someone giving you a present' and 'a will to just do everything that I need to, even ironing and I hate ironing.' She loves ironing. She also said that she has started to feel like God hasn't abandoned her quite so much since she started meeting with us. Her husband isn't so willing to talk about things, but the first time that we met him he sat down and listened to the whole second lesson and really considered the things we were talking about. So I also have a lot of hope for them as a family. 

Well I better go. The internet place is closing. 

much love. 


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